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Welcome to The New Musical Company

If you are reading this, you either love musicals, music or theatre. Well, in that case, you're in the right place because we do them all. The New Musical Company started off as an independent theatre group made of people who loved being on stage and who shared their deep passion for musical theatre. Now, after only two years of existence, it has developed into a professional production company that brings you new, original and stylistically diverse musicals every season. What do we actually do? Well, I've always thought that creativity and touching storytelling can be achieved without the millions of dollars a musical usually swallows in the West End or on Broadway. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good Phantom of the Opera extravaganza as much as any other theatre goer. However, starting a musical production company from scratch, puts things into perspective. So, don't expect lavish sets, flamboyant costumes or flashy publicity just yet. What you can definitely expect though is: profound stories, touching characters, rich music, different styles, great acting, shows that will embark you on a journey to other worlds. Shows that will leave you thoroughly entertained but also reflecting on the aspects of our humanity. Shows for everyone. Shows that matter. Shows that change you. Welcome to the New Musical Company – Where Musicals Come to Life!

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